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Items For Sale/Wanted

For Sale - Solway Dory Shearwater

Due to bereavement. Well used but in good working order.
Looking for offers £800 or over. Lots of extras. Buyer Collects.
On the Broads. Phone 07947 085150




For Sale - Solway Dory Shearwater

Location Netherlands - Rotterdam

My Sailing Canoe Solway Dory Shearwater is up for sale (due to me changing to a small yacht). I am the first (and proud) owner. It sails really great and can take a lot of wind. It was new build in July 2014. It has outriggers and a detachable spray hood made from polyester which keeps out a lot of water. The canoe has always been stored in my garage and is in perfect condition.

I also want to sell my trailer (new from 2015). Asking price incl. trailer 3,500 euros. Below picture of me and my canoe. A test sail can be arranged. Please contact me via Email




For Sale Dagger Reflection 16 in royalex

Modified for sailing by Solway Dory, but can still be use as a river canoe.

Bermudan rig with mizzen. Leeboard, rudder and outriggers all in good working order.

At present in Congleton, Cheshire


Also for sale a large box trailer suitable for transporting the canoe and sailing gear.


Richard Hale 01260 271264 or 07500 871738


For Sale

16 ft Sailing Canoe - I converted this from an old wooden canoe, age unknown. I fitted a new deck and finished the hull with glass clothe and epoxy resin. The hull has been strengthened around the mast fitting and stern to take the rudder. The mast is from a Topper and the sail is a Topper storm sail in nearly new condition. There is a furling mechanism so the sail can be doused immediately, which is an enormous advantage.

 More pics below

I have to admit I was influenced by the Trika 540 trimaran. I fitted folding akas and constructed the amas from a design sold by Fyne Boat Kits, It has a side mounted dagger board. I also designed and fitted a Bison 40 lb electric outboard which can be raised and lowered from the rear cockpit. The boat has been very successful, though I have only sailed it a few times. I would only recommend it for lake or river work, and then in not too strong a wind; I have not tested the limits, nor do I wish to do so. The only slight drawback is that I used a rudder from a Byte dinghy, which I need to retain for that boat (also for sale in trimaran configuration). I do have a rudder that could be cut down, but rudder cheeks would have to be made. I may try and get this done before it sells if I have the time, it will be a simple enough job.

I am regretfully selling it as I have too many boats (I've just bought a Hobie trimaran) and need to clear the decks, so to speak.

This I feel is a unique one-off opportunity to acquire a craft like this in great condition and I am asking for £2500. The boat is located near Arnside in South Cumbria. NB The owner is now willing to accept £1750 or offer.

Richard Oates 01539 565870 or 07909 767273


Triak - For Sale


A chance to get a pristine Triak sailing canoe/kayak, imported from the USA, used only twice and since stored undercover, at half the price of a new one. Complete with all sails and sheets, in-built compass, portage trolley, paddle, spray cover and storage cover, and bags for keel, wing and amas (floats). In red. 


LOA:18'2" / 5.5 m

Beam: 8'6" / 2.6 m

Hull weight: 68 lbs / 31 kg

Construction: Fibreglass

Capacity: 1 person, 441,  lbs / 200 kg


Designed by Morelli and Melvin (designers of Oracle, America's Cup winner!)

Two hatches with 150 litres of day storage space

Easy to rig

Triak website:

Currently in Mallerstang, Cumbria. Buyer to collect. Payment by Paypal preferred.

Contact: Keith Beven (07900 197291 or



Sold - Solway Dory Shearwater Evolution sailing canoe

Fibreglass construction in white, comes complete with outriggers, the larger expedition rig with centre mainsheet and a custom SD trolley. £4000


Solway Dory Little Egret Sailing Canoe (sold)

Paddle or Sail

Fibreglass construction with cedar gunwales and kneeling thwart (as pictured on the SD website - this was the first Little Egret made).

14'3" long, 31" beam. Light (under 20 kgs) and a dream to paddle - one of the fastest solo canoes I have owned.

Selling complete with: Solway Dory rudder / tiller, removeable leeboard thwart,  expedition-style leeboard, mini outriggers and ash outrigger beam.

£1550 ono




Sailing Canoe (sold)

This is my self-built sailing canoe made from gaboon marine ply and epoxy. It is 14 ft long with a beam of 36" and a stripped weight of about 70 lbs. There is generous freeboard. It has side buoyancy tanks and lockers at each end accessed by large hatches. Rails run along near the top of the buoyancy tanks sides so there are multiple positions for the seat. The rig is a Solway Dory 44 sq ft bermudan. 



Sold - Snake River 12 sailing canoe

I have reluctantly decided to sell my Snake River sailing canoe. She is not getting the use she deserves and is too good to lay idle. I bought the bare hull from Mel and Snake River and lovingly built her up 2 years ago. She has ash gunnels and seat, cherry deck plates and a paracord sliding seat. All other fittings are ash. All screws/bolts are stainless steel. I have fitted fore and aft buoyancy bags. I did not lace these in as I did not want to drill the hull. Link to build. Link to build. Link to video.

The sail was made by Freeman Sails of Padstow and is approximately 20 sqft and based on the scaled down dimensions of a Solway Dory bermudan sail. The mast is made from marine grade anodised aluminium tubing and splits into 2. The boom is from an Optimist dinghy. I custom fitted all of the rigging components based on a Solway Dory Avocet I used to own. A lot of thought has gone into making her fully functional. The sail reefs around the mast as per Solway Dory bermudan rigs. The leeboard and thwart and rudder are from Solway Dory. The mast thwart is drilled for a Solway Dory outrigger beam. She sails surprisingly well and I have had her out in some strong winds without capsizing, but even though she is only a small, narrow boat she could probably handle a bigger rig. I do have a 44 sqft Solway Dory bermudan rig I could also sell, if someone was interested.

I have made a ply, removable deck to make her more seaworthy. She can be easily carried and car loaded, which was my main reason behind building such a small canoe. She is fully sorted and ready for the water. I will include single and double bladed paddles and a trolley.




Outrigger floats and beams [SOLD]

Turn your sailing canoe into a trimaran with these two outrigger floats and beams. Something to play about with this spring. Each float is 10 feet long and the beams are 8 feet. The beams are modelled on ones in Gary Dierking's book "Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes." 


For Sale - MacGregor Sailing Canoe Kit

Design by Iain Oughtred

Kit by Jordan Boats

Picture of a completed boat - but this sale is for just a kit made by Jordan Boats for building a 14.1 foot boat.

Kit consists of:

6 sheets of 4mm ply with CNC cutouts of all the parts needed to build the boat

6 MDF bulkhead moulds to attach to building frame (see pics)


Kit cost new is £414

Sale includes:

-"Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual" by Iain Oughted - m175 pages

-8 sheets of 33in x 23in plans, meticulously drawn by Iain Oughtred

- 1 sheet of full size patterns of bow and stern stems

- timber for the building frame - as per para 4.2 of the Manual - consisting of 6 x 8ft lengths of 3.5 x 1.75 ins, 4 x 6ft lengths of 1.75 x 1.75 ins

Have realised that I am not going to be able to commit enough time to complete the build.

Price - £325 for all the above. Will need to be collected from near Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Charles Dodson 01256 389279


Sailing Canoe and Rig etc for sale 

The second prototype “Avocet” built by Solway Dory to my requirements. Cedar strip with epoxy/glass cladding. I wanted a safe craft suitable to teach my grandchildren the joys of canoeing and sailing, and also a boat that I could sail single handed, primarily on inland waters. It has a Gaff Ketch Rig, which offers the choice of sail configurations and has a low tipping moment. There are watertight lockers/buoyancy tanks fore and aft with extra inflatable buoyancy bags attached within the hull. There are 3 seating positions, with custom made woven cane seats and standard-type tiller steering. The hull is approx. 16 ft. in length and approx. 40 inches wide. Excellent condition – always stored inside.

It is car toppable and I have the “Side Loader” to facilitate this, single handed. I also commissioned a launch/recovery trailer, again to facilitate single-handed use of the canoe. There are two paddles, and 3 “Life Jackets” 2 are adult size and one child size. There is also 44 ish. sq.ft. Gunter sail rig; home-made but works well. There is also a stainless steel portage trolley with pneumatic tyres, which breaks down to carry aboard.

£2000 for the canoe with rig (negotiable). Other items also subject to negotiation. Contact David Thorn 01772 633855 or

Sold - MacGregor decked sailing canoe

Beautiful example - requires very little work to complete - top coat of paint to the hull and a small amount of rigging

Sails by Solway Dory

Lap clinker marine ply construction

Light weight - 13 ft 8 in long x 32 in beam

Asymmetric GRP Leeboard


This foil has been specifically shaped for canoe sailing to give high lift at reduced speeds. Manufactured in GRP and then foam filled, it is approximately 8 inches wide and 48 inches long and very stiff. It weighs 1.15kg and due to the foam it floats!
Price in GRP construction £100 each. Other construction materials are available, to produce lighter and stiffer versions, but obviously at greater cost.

For more information contact Howard Jeffs 07740 554618

Solway Dory Curlew - Now Sold

Built Oct 2015 and only used a few times. White hull and wooden decks. Complete with trolley and cover. 4 sqm sail.


PBK 15 Mk 2 single seat canoe

With a hand built 15ft hardwood frame, canvas covered, designed by PW Blandford, it is in fair condition stored dry, and comes with original plans which include two separate designs for sailing gear. I live near Penzance and I am asking £350 ono. for it Please phone me on 01736731645 if interested. Thanks Roger Davison


Items already sold

Rig for a Sailing Canoe (sold July 2106)

Solway Dory balanced lugsail with anodized alloy mast.

The sail is 44sq foot with two reefing points and comes with a kicking strap. The sail is quick to raise and lower and is fairly easy to reef. With its lower centre of effort the boat will heel less. The sail is white and the mast is red. In good condition.

Sailing Canoe (sold June 2016)

Pyranha Prospector 16 foot royalex canoe fitted out for sailing with the addition of Solway Dory gull-wing outriggers, leeboard, leeboard thwart and rudder with push-pull tiller, Solway Dory bermudan sail rig (44 sq foot), side buoyancy bags and original seats (not fitted).
The leeboard thwart clamps onto the canoe gunwhales with the leeboard clamped onto a threaded bolt on the leeboard thwart. The rudder attaches easily to two permanent unobtrusive mounts on the stern of the canoe and there is a long tiller pole that works on the push pull principle. The rudder blade is pulled up or down with lines from the helmsman's position. The outrigger beam mounts onto the gunwhales by two bolts and the fibreglass outriggers are easily attached to the beam. The bermudan mainsail is 44sq foot and is easily reefed by twisting the alloy mast. The boom is also alloy. The sailing rig also comes with kicking strap and mainsheet. All the components are easily attached and detached from the canoe to leave a fairly basic canoe to lift onto a vehicle's roof bars.

Sailing Canoe (sold May 2016)

Canadian Canoe I made this rig from a bamboo pole and an old Fireball sail (well cut down) many years ago and now want to find a good home for it. The boat sails really well and with the leeboard hung out on the leeward side will go to windward efficiently, especially with a bit of weight in the bow. It has a push and pull rudder which flips up and a primitive seat. Its dimensions are 15 ft 10 by 2 ft 10. Not sure of the weight but it is easily car top-able and can be carried short distances by one person. The hull is well scratched with one small epoxy repair to the gel coat. It might be a good idea to give it a 2 part paint finish but the hull is sound and. has built in buoyancy bow and stern. The boat is very adaptable. I have been canoe camping with my son in it and have even mounted an outboard on it once or twice.


Solway Dory decked Fulmar sailing canoe

14'6" GRP Hull with ply deck. In good condition. But not being used much hence sale. Included in sale, Outriggers, 2 x paddles, trolley, breathable boat cover, ratchet block and cam cleat. All ropes have been replaced and a new boom has been fitted. Great condition throughout.


44sq ft Solway Dory Bermudan Rig (sold Oct 2015)

Brand new and unused, All parts present and in new condition. Due to change of plans this rig is now surplus to requirements, and needs to be used. See Solway Dory website for details-


Solway Dory Curlew (sold Oct 2015)

Dedicated sailing canoe with high aspect 44 sq ft sail and 1m sq jib. Rudder, leeboard, launch trolley etc included. Finished with ash gunnels and rosewood seat and hiking benches. Front,rear and side fitted airbags make this craft exceptionally seaworthy for an undecked canoe. A home built fully detachable marine ply bow deck is also included.


Solway Dory Shearwater (sold Oct 2015)

Large rig. With outriggers, SD paddle and SD split double paddle. SD trolley with foam filled wheels. Self bailer fitted.


Selway Fisher 50/50 sailing canoe NOW SOLD

One season’s use only Details of design on SF website,

All gear including trolley, ready to go,

I built this canoe for the enjoyment of the construction and was surprised at how well it sails, even upwind, very stable and fast, (have had over 6 knots downwind),

Built with exterior ply and West System epoxy,


MacGregor 15'8 sailing canoe - NOW SOLD

Well-built clinker marine ply/epoxy construction. Hard wood gunwales and keel. Includes rudder, dagger board, rig as pictured + mast extender and old laser 4.7 sail, cover, outboard engine mount, Fyne boat kit outriggers with 2 pairs of crossbeams to allow use as a trimaran or proa. Also includes masts and spars to fit out as a lug sailed ketch.


Composite Solway Dory Shearwater (now sold)

Varnished ply decks and light blue fibreglass hull with her name "Slithy Tove" professionally sign-written. Hull and decks in good conditiona few light scratches to the bottom from beaching. She comes with a 4m2 rig with a mast bag, outriggers, launching/portage trolley and everything needed to get sailing. Easily car-toppable, she's stable and swift with one or two people aboard. Well suited for racing, camp cruising (vast easily accessible lockers fore and aft), or just messing about. Only selling due to lack of use and other projects on the go.


Nova Craft SP3 Prospector (Now Sold)

16 feet long version and has had the following fitted by Solway Dory: side buoyancy bags, ash lee board and thwart and a 35sq ft expedition bermudan sail. It also come with two rudder assemblies one from a dinghy and one a diy ali version. Its got all the rigging too so its ready to sail. I have some great days with the kids sailing this and of course its still a canoe at the end of the day for just simply paddling.


Small solo sailing canoe (Now Sold)

13 feet long by 28 inch beam. Built from Gaboon marine ply and epoxy giving a bare hull weight of just 45lbs. It is single chined with a V bottom. There are sealed chambers at either end with hatches. Also two different outrigger beams which give a choice of how high you want the outriggers out of the water. The rig is a 25 sq ft Solway Dory Expedition and there is a kick up dagger board. The boat is in very good condition.


Osprey Sailing Trimaran Canoe (Now Sold) Built 2011 by Solway Dory

The Osprey is a Cruising Beach Trimaran. Osprey is seaworthy, comfortable, and easy to sail. It can be assembled and disassembled in about 10 minutes without tools. With twin mainsails, it is self tacking and as each float give 250lbs of flotation, there is little chance of a capsize.Osprey is a comfortable expedition boat. . It has logged speeds of around 12 knots and can be paddled at 3 knots with a double paddle. Providing you have a helper it is very easy to carry over rough ground. With the portage trolley it can be moved and launched by one person.

Features LOA 16 Ft / Beam 10ft / Outrigger length 12ft / Approximate stripped weight of main hull 90 lbs / Approximate assembled and rigged weight 180lbs / Free standing Bermudan Ketch rig / Sails quick and easy to reef or stow on the water / Sail area 75 sq ft / When the wind dies it can easily be paddled / Will take two people daysailing or one person plus lots of camping gear / Car topable



Ketch rigged with rudder, leeboard, buoyancy etc Has also a set of new outriggers. Excellent condition. The hull is based on a Mobile Adventure Prospector in Royalex


Solway Dory Shearwater (Now Sold)

Previously owned by Dave Poskitt, it is the red canoe that can be seen in pictures in blogs and articles published on the site. Owing to my location and circumstances since owning the boat it has had little use, all on fresh water. It is the standard decked Shearwater: LOA 16ft. With the 5sq m. Bermuda rig, complete with outriggers; two sliding seats; two paddles; all standard rigging and fittings, and a trolley (one of Solway's original design). There is a sleeve for the mast/sail and boom, but no boat cover. The boat is in very good overall condition.


Fully battened canoe sailing rig (Now sold)

44 square feet, fully battened sail, complete with alloy mast, boom, kicker, sheet and block.The sail was made professionally by Goacher Sails and the mast/boom fitted by Solway Dory: sail number OC 121. It has two sets of reefing points which enable the sail area to be reduced. The rig requires a mast thwart and mast foot to fit to a canoe.


Now Sold - 13.5 foot Oughtred Wee Rob

From the builder Brian Cooper of Southampton. The canoe is very well built indeed and finished in polyurethane varnish. No joint work is hidden by paint. It has two rigs; both with sails cut from windsurfing rigs


PBK 20 KAYAK (Now Sold)

The two seat classic design by Percy Blandford. Length 15 feet, beam 3 feet. Built of marine ply and fir, mahogany coaming and gunwale rubbing strips. Covered in super tough nylon/pvc (virtually indestructible and the same material used for lorry curtain side walls - but this is NOT secondhand sheet!). All fastenings are non-ferrous. Several modifications at time I built her include:- Addition of cross beam for lee-boards- Fitted covers fore and aft for single paddling mode for sea use (and dry legs in rain!) Lifting rudder operated from cockpit for coastal beaching Stayed mast and sails (latter "home knitted" from sail cloth) ALL mods can be removed in a couple of minutes to revert to 2-man use and conventional paddling Both this kayak and an identical one built previously have been used in pretty hairy sea conditions in both the Solway Firth and Irish Sea and,(the one shown), more recently the North Sea (pic was taken on a 6 hour trip from the River Deben along coast then up the Orwell to Ipswich, one-man mode). The design is immensely stable and buoyant- I have never had a sea aboard in the roughest conditions. Load carrying is phenomenal - 600 pounds. For sea, river or lake use she has plenty of stowage space for camping gear.


Outrigger sailing canoe with adjustable Bruce foil (Now Sold)

The boat is a Raptor 16 ( with a hand controlled Bruce foil which pushes the outrigger hull up when to lee and pulls it down when to weather. It is the expedition model with roller reefing around the mast, a Kevlar strip down the bottom, and a "sidecar" for carrying camping gear or (on smooth water) a passenger. The boat sails faster than most dinghies, and paddles better than my Ally folding canoe. The weight is 55 kg, light enough that I can carry it into the water. The heaviest part, the main hull, weighs 25 kg, thanks to being built in carbon fibre sandwich. I have written about my first sailing experiences with the boat in The Gossip.


Osprey Trimaran - (18-5-2011) Now Sold

I have made several modifications and it comes with combination road trailer and launching trolley. The main modification is the addition of the optional flat sections either side of the hull. These give a far greater sense of security when sitting in the boat and are very useful for putting stuff on when at anchor (there is a 2.5kg danforth with warp and chain which is quite adequate) These side pieces are lightweight and not adequate to stand on.This is a fantastic sailing boat. One of the best aspects is that my wife really enjoyed it (she is generally not too keen on sailing) because she has nothing to do and does not feel she is going to be pitched into the water at any moment. With twin mainsails, it is self tacking and as each float give 250lbs of flotation, there is no chance of a capsize unless you happen to be in 6 foot breaking waves. Reefing is easy, the sails just roll round the mast to whatever size you want, they stow away like this too - left on the mast. The boat is light, even fully assembled two people can pick it up and carry it to the water if required. My wife and I can easily carry the main hull between us and put it over a wall or whatever to get on the water. Thefloats (outer hulls) can be picked up and put under your arm, the whole thing takes maybe 10 minutes to assemble, the masts are unstayed and simply drop into the hull. As the boat is so light it only draws 3 or 4 inches. Performance is very lively, I have had 12 knots and it will go really well in light airs. The rudder can be raised or lowered from the helm's seat and there is a daggerboard at the side of the hull. Under sail it goes about really easily. Running downwind is easy and feels secure. It doesn't make much leeway and I would say it points reasonably well but I couldn't tell you the angles.


Sailing Canoe. Now Sold - 11 Jun 2010

The time has come for me to sell my much loved sailing canoe. Owned by myself for approx 2 years I have had the time of my life sailing it on Coniston water and Bala (Wales). The original builder is now a partner in Solway Dory; it was then owned by a member of the Open Canoe Sailing Group before I purchased it....... believed to be built around 1995. Clinker ply construction, high quality light weight ply wood, decked with buoyancy chambers, 2 large access deck hatches. Includes rudder and twin asymmetric dagger boards, single 43 sq.ft. una rigged Bermudan sail, 2 piece mast, custom paddle, Supersuck self bailer. Also lightweight, custom launching trolley that dismantles for easy transport. Pleasurable and exciting to sail. Although not really suitable for a complete novice, (unless used with outriggers available from Solway Dory) can be quickly learnt and enjoyed. NOW SOLD

Solway Dory Shearwater NOW SOLD 25-05-09

Built 2009, but only sailed three times. Complete with two sliding seats, launching trolley, paddles gull-wing floats, all sailing rig, and a new compass, to help with inshore navigation on coastal cruises; a fine example of a sailing canoe.

16 ft Solway Dory Sailing Canoe Now Sold - 3/6/08

Solway Dory Avocet Sailing Canoe In excellent condition with many extras







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