Sailing canoes and Kayaks in France

Mon, 24 Jan 2011 18:27:13 GMT

There is a group of people in France who do much the same as us - they are just getting off the ground in terms of some kind of organisation (or should that be 'off the beach!?). They have a web presence at
and one of their key members is recently getting involved on Facebook at

This is a Google translation of one of the recent posts:
Hello everyone, Most of the friends present at the first meeting at Lake Neuvic have now joined the group. All are likely to be present at Grangent for the third meeting.

Since Neuvic, our group has expanded to a meeting in August Salagou since Dany, Alain, Jessy ... and others have joined us.

In addition to the boats of the 1st hour, the latest inflatable kayaks on the market will be present at Grangent (we think the Nomad and Bic Sevylor SKS 500 Pacific). Of course, these boats will be equipped with sails ... We work this winter to a new rig, much lighter and easier to implement ...

Other appointments will be scheduled this year, either by group or by some of us ...

Some projects:
-A few days on the pond Biscarrosse in April.
-Output in the Somme Bay in June
-A raid early July Loire (Tours in Saint-Brevin)
-Some other white water rafting ...

 Please come join us and also offer appointments ...

Sounds good! Anyone heading over the Channel this summer? I'm sure they would make you very welcome!




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