Welcome to the world of canoe sailing.

Welcome to the Open Canoe Sailing Group (OCSG), a UK-based club for those interested in sailing canoes.

If you want an affordable adventure on the water, and the freedom and independence to launch a small sailing boat virtually anywhere, then you’re in the right place. We have plenty of articles, an events calendar, and information to help you get started.

What is the Open Canoe Sailing Group?

The OCSG is a relaxed association of canoe sailing enthusiasts. We exist to celebrate and promote the activity of sailing a canoe. Members are spread around the country. We sail locally, and at OCSG meets which take place half a dozen times a year.

At the heart of our sport is a sense of adventure sailing to suit the individual. This varies from sailing on sheltered lakes to undertaking demanding coastal expeditions. It might be a few hours sailing on a gentle summer’s day or launching on a frosty winter’s morning to catch an incoming tide – and everything in between.

Explore the website to discover more: what we do, where we do it and how to join in.


What is canoe sailing?

Put your sailing canoe on the roof of the car, take it to your local lake, launch it in a few minutes and go out for a sail. Come along to an OCSG event, meet new friends, and plan a day’s sailing on another lake. Plan a weekend away with friends, take your sailing canoes with you and explore one of the many lakes in the UK. Once you have the skills, and are confident in the abilities of your new friends, go away for a few days together on a camping expedition. Take your canoes on an extended holiday to Europe and meet other canoe sailors in Holland, Denmark, France, Sweden and other places.

Canoe sailing is all of this and more.

Sailing Canoes

Sailing canoes are lightweight, transportable craft, that can easily be taken to new locations on lakes or the coast for exploration and adventure. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different conditions, from a river paddling boat with sail assist, using the wind to add an extra dimension to journeying, right through to fully developed seaworthy sailing boats that can still be moved by paddle when the wind dies.

About the OCSG

The Open Canoe Sailing Group is a UK-based club to promote canoe-sailing. Meets are held regularly in various parts of Great Britain to provide an opportunity for both members, and others who are interested, to sail together and exchange ideas about their trips, canoes and rigs.

Safety and skills for canoe-sailing

All adventure activities have an element of risk. The range of hazards encountered in all water activities is large. But we can make ourselves safer by anticipating, recognising and managing them. Planning and practice are essential.

Developing our own sailing and paddling skills is rewarding, while also contributing to safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that are often asked about sailing a canoe