Basic paddling and sailing skills

People come into canoe sailing from many directions, some from a canoe paddling background, others from sailing dinghies or larger yachts and a few from none of these. Here are some ways to start filling any gaps.

Learning to sail

All small sailing boats work in much the same way. Here is a video to help you understand the basics.

Learning to Paddle a Canoe

There are many books and videos on how to get started with paddling a canoe, so there is no need to duplicate things here. If you find looking at instructional videos helpful then you could start with any on Ray Goodwin’s You Tube channel about paddling technique such as

Or this one...

from the American Canoe Association that covers some of the basics well

Learning to sail a canoe with the most basic equipment

This video, again by Ray Goodwin, shows what you can do with the minimal kit that many canoeists favour, to get the first taste of using the wind to help move a canoe