Coniston Meet 21st-23 March 2023

Dates:                               Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd April, 2023

Venue:                              Old Hall Campsite, Coniston, Cumbria

Attendance:                    21 members, including several newcomers – 2 already with sailing canoes, 1 to see how their canoe can be fitted out for sailing (15 sailing canoes, 1 sea kayak, 1 fast touring kayak)

Weather & water conditions:                 

Fairly mixed – wet overnight and to start with on Saturday. Light winds during much of Saturday, but a nice breeze late afternoon, if rather chilly from the north. Very light breeze on Sunday morning for the 2 races.


General sailing on the Saturday, or rather drifting or paddling really! The Bluebird Café seemed to be an irresistible attraction, with most people visiting at some point. Some headed off to the pub on both evenings, with the temperature not being conducive to sitting around outside once the sun had set. 7 raced twice on Sunday am.

Highlights, points of interest, issues: Several people brought bikes, to provide another option should conditions prove less useful for going on the water. Also alternative water craft, to be paddled in the absence of much/any breeze. There was a capsize in benign conditions, caused by slipping overboard while trying to reach something. Mini outriggers did not prevent the boat going over and re-entry proved impossible. Being helped to shore solved the problem. Clothing not ideal for immersion, as it was not expected. No great harm done, but a reminder for us all to be careful out there, especially so early in the season when the water is very cold!

A canoe rigged with two lugsails on Coniston Water

3 canoes racing under sail on Coniston Water, with a small hire launch pottering about as well