OCSG Participation Statement

Canoe sailing is an “assumed risk” activity. That means that we assume (in the sense of expect) that there will be hazards and risks and we assume (in the sense of accept) those hazards and risks in what we do. Participants should be aware of and accept them, and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

OCSG Safety Policy

Canoe sailing is an adventure sport with inherent hazards and risks. The OCSG does not usually provide a safety boat or guided trips. The development of risk awareness and self-reliance is important. Though many experienced OCSG members sail on their own at times, most activities are undertaken with others. Most sailing canoe mishaps can be avoided by sailing within your personal limits.

Members should take responsibility for learning how to deal with incidents such as:-

  • Capsize
  • Falling overboard
  • Losing control of their boat
  • Medical emergencies

Strategies for dealing with this kind of mishap are likely to involve:-

  • Wearing appropriate personal buoyancy and appropriate clothing
  • Outfitting your boat with adequate side and end buoyancy, reefing, decks and outriggers as appropriate.
  • Learning self-rescue techniques
  • Receiving assistance from pre-arranged rescue partner/s
  • Carrying emergency equipment and a reliable means of summoning assistance

The OCSG provides additional safety advice on their website:
Please report any untoward incidents to the event organiser/safety advisor or a member of the committee.