A few questions often asked about sailing a canoe.

Isn’t a canoe too narrow to use for sailing – it must tip over easily?

No, not really. A canoe with an appropriately sized rig (not too big!) behaves and performs much like any other small sailing boat – similar to small sailing dinghies such as a Topper or Laser Pico.

Can a canoe sail upwind effectively?

Yes it can. Provided it is set up correctly, with the rig and leeboard (which is essential), in the right place relative to each other and the length of the canoe.

That seems like a lot of extra kit and fuss – is it worth it rather than just paddling?

It may not be for everyone, but it adds another challenging dimension to how you can use a canoe. And it means that in the right conditions you can cover much more ground with much less effort than you would just paddling.

Can you still paddle it like a canoe, with all that extra stuff fitted?

Yes, the sailing rig adds a little extra weight, but it’s still a canoe and a lot easier to paddle than a sailing dinghy if you need to, such as when the wind dies away.

Can a sailing canoe take more than one person?

It depends on the size of the canoe and how it’s rigged, but yes many sailing canoes are set up to take two people, including camping kit in some cases.