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Sun, 10 Dec 2017 13:10:55 GMT

Sail Numbers and Insignia- Although some of our members are happier to leave their sails blank and unadorned with any "class mark" or number, there is an argument for us being proud of what kind of sailing craft we are and displaying it. The "Open Sailing Canoe" does not have recognition as a Royal Yachting Association boat class, but on a few occasions we have raced in dinghy sailing club mixed handicap races; from that experience we have adopted a Portsmouth Number of 1300, so similar in performance to a Topper or Mirror. For 2018 we will be introducing a system where OCSG members are allocated a membership number that they can also use as their sail number, which they can add to their sail if they wish (existing members with sail numbers will retain them and that will also be their membership number). A set of numbers and the Open Canoe class mark/insignia (an overlapping 'O' and 'C') are available for £10 (includes UK postage) from the club. They are an appropriate size for our relatively small sails and can be obtained by emailing


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