About The Open Canoe Sailing Group

We’re an informal organisation that encourages those interested in canoe sailing to meet, get afloat together and socialise. We share ideas and experiences, and have some fun.

We have no geographical base or physical premises. Members are from all over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – and a few from other countries as well.

What we do

For many members of the OCSG the meets are the main focus. Each year we organise about 6 meets with as wide a geographical spread as possible. They are mostly based on campsites by large lakes or reservoirs. Most meets are over a weekend with some venues providing an opportunity to stay a little longer before or after.

What happens at our meets

Meets provide the chance to sail with others, chat about all canoe sailing issues and socialise with like minded people. Meets are fairly informal in style with sufficient organisation to encourage safety.

Meet Reports and other news

Reports on recent OCSG events and other useful news

Contact the OCSG

For meet details and general enquiries

Joining the OCSG

Although you don’t need to join the OCSG to come to a meet, once you have visited a couple of times we encourage people to join and support the club – it is only £10 a year after all!

Where we have sailed

We have used many venues throughout the UK over the years. Some we use regularly, almost every year – others may have only been used once or twice, but might be revisited. If our members use them, with others in the club, on a regular basis we can try and include them in our meet calendar.


Safety for canoe sailing

As with all adventure activities there is an element of risk. Over many years the OCSG has developed various ways of managing the many hazards inherent in canoe sailing.

The OCSG and other organisations

There are other organisations with which we have close connections, both formally and informally.

History of sailing canoes in the UK and OCSG

Some background and context about how the sport and sailing canoes have developed over the last 150 years.