The sport of Canoe Sailing

Most people understand that canoeing is all about paddling a small craft. Less well known is that canoes can also be sailed and that canoe sailing can take you on journeys that very few other sailing craft can.

The attraction of Canoe Sailing

The freedom to sail a small craft in a range of environments is at the heart of canoe sailing and adventure afloat. For many OCSG members, day sailing on lakes with friends is their main and valued activity. Others aspire to more adventurous journeys, such as multi-day cruising in coastal waters.


Sailing canoes are small seaworthy craft that are easy to move around on land, making launching and recovery quick and easy. Their light weight makes them easy to transport to new sailing areas on a car roof rack and, unlike heavier dinghies, they don’t need a slipway to be launched.

Adventure Sailing

While days out on inland lakes in gentle winds are enjoyable, the potential for greater challenges is huge. Multi-day cruises in exposed conditions with the challenges of wind and tide can provide excitement, a sense of achievement and genuine adventure afloat. This requires a higher level of training and careful planning.

Expeditions by sailing canoe over the years

Some of the more adventurous and experienced of our members have undertaken multiday expeditons, camping ashore and travelling along the coast.

Early Canoe Sailing

Canoe Sailing as recreation started in the Victorian era and was at the forefront of the expansion in leisure activities.