Events Calendar

OCSG Events Calendar 2024


NOTE – meets in RED are provisional/best guess!

  • March 22-24 Lake District Winter Meet
  • April 26-28 Coniston Water, Cumbria
  • May 17-19 Loch Lomond, Scotland
  • June 25-27 Bala, Wales
  • July? TBA
  • August 9-11 Kielder Water, Northumberland
  • September 27-29 Rutland Water, East Midlands
  • October? Ullswater, Cumbria

Other Events

  • May 16-17 Loch Lomond Raid (see note below)

Visitors are always welcome at our meets, so if you are interested to see what we do, or want to chat about sorting out your canoe for sailing, then please come along. It’s useful if you can let the organiser know, so we can look out for you and not all be on the water when you arrive! You don’t have to join the club just to come and have a look, but we will encourage you to do so after a couple of visits.

For more details about any event contact the organiser – email [email protected]


New for 2024 – Loch Lomond Raid
– an event for more experienced canoe-sailors is being piloted on May 16 & 17 at Loch Lomond, just before the regular weekend meet.  Called the Loch Lomond Raid and inspired by similar events in other European countries, it is an individual Challenge that involves trying to visit as many of the designated locations around the loch as possible, within a set time.

As each canoe will be operating alone (without a buddy group), the requirements for safety equipment carried (particularly communications – Marine VHF and Mobile phone are obligatory) and competence/experience are more rigorous than for regular meets; buddy groups will continue to be standard practice at regular meets.

Notes on our Events

If you haven’t come across canoe sailing before and like the look of it, then come along to one of the events. You can just take a look, chat to us and maybe even have a go – many group members will be happy to take you out on the water for you to see and feel what it’s really like! Get in touch with the event organiser to find out details of where to find us, or email us at [email protected]

We offer a wide variety of events with the emphasis being on cruising in company, but with a fair bit of just pottering about and socialising. Visitors are welcome to come along, chat and take a look.

We try to provide a range of events so that people can go canoe-sailing with others, without having to travel too far. Any suggestions about suitable venues are welcome – volunteers to help organise even more so! Advice on how to organise meets can be found here – have a look and see what you can offer or get involved with.

The Competence Levels are the suggested minimum skill level that a participant should have in order to take part:

0=novice, 1 = basic, 2 = intermediate, 3 = advanced See the Competence Levels Page for more information

Weather and particularly WIND conditions will dictate what activities and sailing areas are appropriate for participants, who should heed any advice from the Safety Advisor. The less experienced should not expect to go very far from base until their capabilities have developed and been proven. Support and assistance to help develop sailing and seamanship skills will often be available at meets.

The suggested meet Level assumes that the conditions will be good – if the weather forecast is poor, with strong winds, then the level of meet will also change accordingly. At some meets conditions are so challenging that only the most experienced canoe-sailors might go out onto the water and then only close to the launch site, to practice strong wind techniques; on rare occasions conditions are so bad that no canoe-sailing takes place at all. When you plan to come to a meet please look at weather forecasts and set your expectations with all this in mind.

Some meets are on weekdays, to try and avoid the busier weekends.